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Gustav Ahr (Lil Peep) shook an entire generation with his music; Revolutionizing the industry with his raw storytelling that cover topics such as the difficulty of dealing with mental health issues, and substance abuse throughout his life and career. Peep was a talented and disruptive artist who blurred the lines between hip hop and pop punk, Making it difficult to pin point the genre of music that he curated.

As major fans of Peep’s music and design style, the “P E E P” neon sign holds a special place in our hearts, In our catalog of neon art. We wanted to take our love and inspiration of Gustav and transform it into tangible art, which bred the iconic “LOVE” tattoo on his stomach, brought to life as a neon sign.

Legends never die. Rest in paradise, Gustav. 🌹

No LED bulbs, no plastic tubing. Real authentic neon art.

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16′ X 9”

6 foot USB power cord included

High Quality Materials

100% authentic handcrafted glass neon art

Lightweight base for ease of transport

Produced specifically for indoor use only

Easy to Install

Plug-and-play. No assembly required.

Box contents: 1x glass neon art, 1x base, 1x USB power cord

Designed in Toronto – California – Sydney

Designed by our international team of creatives and neon art addicts. Each piece of neon art is thoughtfully designed to the highest degree of aesthetics, quality, and safety. You’ll love your neon art, Guaranteed to leave your friends in awe & admiration.

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Aquamarine, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Summer Gold, White


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