Neon Labz was born out of a passion for everything bright!

Based out of Toronto, Los Angeles and Sydney, we serve clients from around the globe with trendy, custom and authentic neon art, made of 100% glass.

The Neon Labz team crafts custom chic signs that are impossible to miss! Literally. We offer custom neon signs for all kinds of businesses, from restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs to office spaces and agencies. With an extensive range of neon signs to choose from, you are guaranteed to be buoyant!

In the new digital era of business, it is crucial that your art creates opportunities for social media shares and new audience engagement in order to enhance your brand image. When consumers share your art with their audience, the results are increased brand affinity and awareness across the digital landscape.

The glow of an authentic handmade glass neon sign shines brighter than its cheaper counterpart; LED. That’s why all Neon Labz products are 100% authentic hand-bent glass, gas-filled neon. As well as ready-to-ship tracked service, our products are super easy to use and set up, making it convenient for YOU.

Simply plug in your neon sign to a nearby power outlet and voila! Now you can shine your light on the world and illuminate the atmosphere.

Looking for the perfect addition to your home that complements your style and brings out your creative flair? Neon Labz has you covered. Shop our handmade custom neon signs and find the design that speaks to your personal style. Make your life force high voltage!

Check out our ready-to-ship products and start your neon addiction today!